Tennis bracelet kit

Hi all, getting stuff set up in my new home whilst dealing with uni is a bit difficult right now! My new room is fairly big and I’ve been able to sort materials and equipment more efficiently, but my desk isn’t very big…

I digress though. I’ve been able to finish my second kit from Queenbeads. This is the “tennis bracelet” kit.


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Vintage jewellery kit

Hi guys, quick update time: I’m currently in the middle of moving between places right now (I’m due to be in my new student home in two weeks’ time) so all of my craft stuff is currently boxed. To keep myself occupied though, I’ve purchased three jewellery kits from Queenbeads and will be posting about my progress with these.

Here’s the first set, a vintage necklace kit with extra findings if needed. It comes in a pretty box.


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Kusudama “Nejire Shikaku Mado”

Next from Tomoko Fuse’s Kusudama Origami book.

I did something different this time. Since my last one was so fiddly, I opted to use full-size (15cm) paper this time. I didn’t realise that I wouldn’t need it for this one.

This model is called “Nejire Shikaku Mado” (ねじれ四角窓 – Twisted Square Window). A square frame containing a pinwheel-style pattern. I used light green and yellow double sided paper for the pinwheel, and red paper as the frame. The book suggests that a red and white checkered pattern should be used for the triangular pieces, but I didn’t have any. So I chose the same shade of light green.P1020503

I used light green and yellow coloured twine to match. The model was so large that I didn’t add anything else to the end of the string. Seriously, it dwarfs all of my previous designs! I hang all of my designs on my door handle, as you can see below.


Next time, I won’t use 15cm paper for such a large model, but I will do when the folding is complicated, just like my last one.

Simple one for now as I’m moving out of my current flat. I hope regular updates will resume soon, but it may take a few weeks to get everything moved.


Materials: Six pieces of 15cm square light green and yellow dual-coloured paper, six pieces of 15cm square red coloured paper, eight pieces of 15cm light green coloured paper, green and yellow coloured twine

Kusudama “Kirikomi Kiriko – Suisha”

The next thing I tried in my Kusudama Origami book is the “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Suisha” (切り込み切子 灯篭 – 水車) or a cut faceted waterwheel-style lantern. A bit of a mouthful, but the premise of this kusudama is that it must be cut in certain area to achieve the pinwheel design. (When making pinwheels, you must make four cuts in a certain direction.)

I chose the easiest version of this pinwheel by covering the middle with plain-coloured paper, because I made it with 7.5cm squares as usual, and found that it was too small (like, it was WAY smaller than my previous models). Complicated versions add a flower in the centre. Ideally, you want your patterned paper to be double-sided with a different colour.


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